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Our Dog Policy

Dog Policy
Dogs are welcome on our lawn during warm-weather months. Please be aware of these health department requirements, as we welcome your furry friends to our lawn. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please ask a staff member. (1) Dogs must remain restrained and under control of the patron/owner at all times. (2) Dogs without a leash or form of restraint are not permitted. (3) Dogs must remain on the grassy lawn and mulched areas. Dogs may not enter the brick patio or building interior. (4) Dogs must remain on the ground at all times, they are not allowed on seats, benches, tables, or any other furniture. (5) Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination tag on their collar. (6) Please discourage children who are not family from petting your dog. (7) Dog owners are responsible for the calm, controlled behavior of their dog. If at any time the dog becomes agitated, barks excessively, growls or disturbs other customers, restaurant staff/employees reserve the right to respectfully ask you to leave the premise. (8) Doggy waste bags are available, please pick up after your dog. (9) A hand washing sink is available for staff and guests.
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