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The History of Nick Fink's - - - - - - - - - - -
Comstock Park, Michigan
The oldest bar in Grand Rapids, Nick Fink's was founded in 1888 in Comstock Park as a bar and, reputedly, a brothel. This third-generation watering hole has also served as a post office and a hotel over the years as it changed hands from the first Nick Fink, an immigrant from Prussia, to Nick Fink II (the first person in Kent County to fly) and ultimately Nick Fink III, before being sold to The Gilmore Collection in 2008. Nick Fink's is awash in tradition, legend and mystery. There are rumors that Al Capone and his gang loved the bar, with the corner booth apparently being Capone’s favorite seat in the house. The Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority has reported that Ernest Hemingway stopped into the tavern when he traveled to Northern Michigan and allegedly based characters in his "Nick Adams Stories" on people he met there. Nick Fink’s housed visitors of the West Michigan Fair, which used to take place at what is now West River Drive and North Park Street, as well as workers at the nearby tanneries and the fish hatchery, which operated in the early to mid-1900s. You can glimpse the names of those who once imbibed at Nick Fink’s long ago, with many an individual having carved their monikers into the tables, which still remain in the bar, over the decades. An in-depth collection of photos and items from Nick Fink's can be found at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. This includes a photo of a Nick Fink II flying off the roof in a bike, fitted with box-kite wings (he crashed into a telegraph pole and broke his arm). It’s a place where one may even get to glimpse a bit of the supernatural. Nick Fink's hosts a Ghost Hunter reveal party every year around Halloween. Employees and paranormal investigators have reported suspicious activity ranging from the jukebox starting unexpectedly to audio recordings of bone-chilling sounds and voices. Preserving the history and character of Nick Fink's is important to The Gilmore Collection and many of the details have remained the same from the old days including the bar top, vintage beer cooler and the gold and black velvet wallpaper. Come see us soon at the oldest bar in GR.
Nick Fink's
The oldest bar in GR.
The bar on traditional pub fare has been raised.
Est. 1888
133 years; a million beers.
Where Comstock rocks.
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