The Live Wall
@ The B.O.B.

Every May through September, The B.O.B.'s customers enjoy menus created using a variety of organically grown and sustainable produce from The B.O.B.'s Live Wall, including kale, basil, Swiss chard, rainbow carrots and more.

@ Gilmore Restaurants

The gardens are in at Blue Water Grill and Mangiamo! Mother Nature may still be toying with us, but Blue Water is already cooking with some herbs from the garden–fresh sage or chives anybody?

Construction Reductions
@ The B.O.B.

Yes, it’s summertime and the living is easy here in Pure Michigan. So easy, in fact, we’d like to tempt you to leave the beach or the pool, if only for dinner or a drink. You gotta eat and hydrate, right? Check out the awesome Construction Reduction dining deals goin on at The B.O.B., including 2 for 1 Entrées.