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   May 3, 2016   


Italian Meat & Cheese Board   14
choice of 3 meats: speck, prosciutto, salami, italian ham, sopressa, house smoked bacon choice of 3 cheeses: fontina, parmigiano reggiano, ricotta salata, point reyes bleu, taleggio, farm country mi white cheddar served with a soft boiled egg, fig chutney & choice of one bruschetta jar

Big House Bruschetta Jars  10.5/ additional jars 3 ea
choice of 3 topping jars: house marinated tomatoes, whipped feta, hummus, kalamata olive tapenade, white bean & roasted red peppers, red beet puree, caramelized mushrooms, gorgonzola-walnut mousse, house pickled vegetables, grilled house flatbread & toast points

Sage Gnudi  10
artichoke ragout, crispy artichoke

Tuscan Calamari Fritti  10.5
flash-fried, roasted garlic, salami, peppers, olives, charred tomato vinaigrette

Two Napkin Garlic Bread  5.5
lathered in sweet butter, extra virgin olive oil & garlic three ways, sea salt

Crispy Brussels Sprouts  10
sea salt, toasted peppercorn-raw honey, toasted almonts
this item is gluten free

MI Chevre & Confit Fingerlings  9.5
fingerling potato confit, mi chevre, fresh apples, chives
this item is gluten free

Steamed Mussels  14
shaved garlic & chili flakes, lemoncello butter, yellow grape tomatoes, baby arugula, toast points
this item is gluten free


Bites   1.5
chocolate terrine with white chocolate anglaise white balsamic strawberries with mascarpone whipped cream
this item is gluten free

Strawberry Shortcake  7.5
housemade sponge cake, white balsamic macerated strawberries, mascarpone whipped cream

Gelato & Sorbetto  5-7
ask your server about today's offerings from palazzolo's of saugatuck
this item is gluten free

Vanilla Panna Cota  7
fresh berries
this item is gluten free

Banana Nutella Semifreddo  7.5
banana, ladyfingers, hazelnut whipped cream

Classic Tiramisu  7
fortified with espresso, creme anglaise

Dark Chocolate Terrine  7
flourless chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, sauce anglaise, with white choclate shavings
this item is gluten free


add caesar salad 4.00

Red & White Quinoa Vegetable Tower  16.5
fall squash, celery root, asparagus, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, baby arugula, goat cheese, balsamic reduction, chive oil, micro greens
this item is gluten free

Wood Grilled Ahi Tuna  21
lemon-celery citronette, carson city mixed bean ragout
this item is gluten free

Grilled Eggplant Caponata  16
raisins, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, kalamata olives, capers, almonds, charred tomato sauce
this item is gluten free

Brick Amish Half Chicken  19.5
citrus brined, arugula, candied fennel lemon vinaigrette, blistered heirloom tomatoes, house parmesan croutons

Filet Mignon  36
rogue creamery smokey blue butter, smashed yukon gold potatoes, broccolini -8oz
this item is gluten free

Wood-Grilled Sea Scallops  26
smoked potato-brussels sprout mash, brussels sprout leaves, fennel pollen butter
this item is gluten free

Shrimp & Housemade Spicy Italian Sausage  19
fontina polenta, white wine butter, ricotta salata
this item is gluten free

Michigan Berkshire Pork Chop  20.5
rosemary aioli, fingerling potato confit, spinach, pickled mushroom and cippolini
this item is gluten free

Fresh Halibut  32
vanilla-parsnip puree, slow roasted grapes, broccolini, maple-walnut crunch
this item is gluten free

Wood-Grilled Sirloin  23
wild mushroom,leek, and green been risotto, onion ragout, chive oil, fresh romano
this item is gluten free

Pesce Al Cartocchio (Fish In Paper)  24
fresh walleye, filet, wild mushrooms, fennel, fresh vegetables, tomatoes, lemon extra virgin olive oil, orange and oregano butter
this item is gluten free

Slow-Roasted Maple Leaf Farm Duck  29 half duck/ 57 whole duck
sherry-honey glazed, kale, broccolini, yukon gold, rainbow carrots,
this item is gluten free

kids menu

Cup Of Soup  3.0
ask your server about today's selections

Cheese Or Pepperoni Pizza  4.0
made with red sauce

Grilled Hamburger Or Cheeseburger  4.5
well done, choice of grapes or fries

Crispy Natural Chicken Strips  4.5
choice of grapes or french fries

Grilled Chicken Creamy Alfredo  4.5
big curly noodles

Spaghetti & Meatball Marinara  4.5

Grilled Chicken  4.5
fresh steamed broccoli

Grilled Salmon  4.5
well done, fresh steamed broccoli

Grilled Sirloin  6
well done, steamed broccoli


add gluten free pasta to any pasta 2.00

Fall Squash Ravioli  16
herbed brown butter, brussels sprout leaves, gala apples, radicchio, amaretti cookie

Housemade Fettuccine & Clams  19.5
littleneck clams, house smoked bacon, chili flake, garlic, clam broth, italian parsley

Baked Ziti  15
oven finished with big house bolognese sauce and five cheese blend can be made gf

Spaghetti And Housemade Meatballs  15
marinara sauce, rosemary ricotta

Smoked Amish Chicken Alfredo  15
house smoked, kale, tomatoes, alfredo, mista corta

Trophie Pasta  16
arugula-pistachio pesto, charred red onions, summer squash, sweet drop peppers, whole wheat bread crumbs can be made gf

Red Lasagna  15
savory housemade sausage, rosemary ricotta, bolognese sauce

Housemade Buttermilk Ricotta Ravioli   18
roasted sweet potatoes, celery root, beef ragout, heirloom cherry tomato, pecorino romano, crispy garlic & shallot, chives


all pizzes are made with organic 00, heirloom wheat flour and are available as , thin neapolitan-style & thick sicilian-style , or add $3.5 for gluten-free crust,

Taleggio Pizza  14
prosciutto, mission figs, arugula, herb oil can be made gf

Additional Toppings  1.5
start with fresh mozzarella & choice of sauce- gorgonzola, goat cheese, fontina, feta, homemade sausage, prosciutto, pepperoni, chicken, house smoked bacon, anchovies, pinenuts, portobellas, meatballs, sopressa, meatballs, green pepper. roasted garlic, baby spinach, black olives, marinated peppers, ricotta, basil, roma tomatoes, red onions, green olives, pineapple, fresh mozzarella, smoked provolone, sopressa, artichokes

Sicilian Crust  3.5
can be made gf

Pesto & Vegetable  14
artichokes, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, big house pesto sauce

Mangiamo! Soppressa  14
arugula, prosciutto, sopressa, fresh mozzarella, oven-roasted tomatoes, marina sauce can be made gf

Pepperoni  14
spicy neapolitan pepperoni, four cheese blend, red sauce can be made gf

Fall Pizza  14
sweet potato puree, dried cherries, caramelized onions, brussels sprouts, point reyes blue, maple balsamic can be made gf


Kale Salad  10
toasted pinenuts, dried currants, parmigiano reggiano, lemon, extra virgin olive oil

White Qinoa  10
cantaloupe, grapefruit, mint, spinach, shaved fennel, red onion, candied nuts, creamy citrus dressing
this item is gluten free

Smoked Beet & MI Chevre  10
house smoked beetes, slow roasted grapes, mi chevre, pickled mushrooms & cippolinis, maple-walnut crunch
this item is gluten free

Greens & Grains  10
mixed greens, farro, sweet drop peppers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, crispy chick peas, ricotta salata served with house herb vinaigrette

Big House Caesar  10
romaine hearts, radicchio, fresh shaved paresan and toasted paresan crouton, classic dressing, achovies upon request

Kale Salad  10
toasted pinenuts, dried currants, parmigiano regiano, lemon, extra virgin olive oil,
this item is gluten free

Grilled Veggie Salad  10
wood-grilled tomatoes,grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, onions, asparagus, yellow squash, baby arugula, pancetta, gorgonzola crumbles, balsamic reduction
this item is gluten free

Add To Salads  4-9
wood-grilled chicken, grilled italian sausage, wood-grilled wild shrimp, baked marinara meatball, wood-grilled ahi tuna, wood-grilled sirloin, wood-grilled house bacon, or soft boiled michigan cage free egg


served with kettle chips, add fries 2.00

Certified Angus Prime Gorgonzola Burger  14
house smoked bacon, gorgonzola, arugula, balsmic carmelized onions, thick-sliced tomatoes, roasted-garlic mayonnaise, served with fries


White Bean And Italian Sausage  4/6
this item is gluten free

Zuppa Del Giorno  4 / 6

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