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Catering Sales Manager
616.742.0600 ext. 12

Planning and executing events for the Collection for almost 12 years, Heidi is experienced at helping you plan the perfect party.

Cory is a student at Grand Valley studying Marketing and Business Management. He also plays hockey (huge Red Wings Fan) and loves the wonderful guests here. It really rounds-out his varied personality

Branden is our newest server after working as an Expo. A Macintosh maniac who develops websites and marketing for small firms locally, he's very talented

Amy is one rocking server! Mother of two beautiful girls, she has been with us for 7 years and knows her stuff. Just try and trip her up we dare ya!

Danielle is one of the incredible server trainer here. She is a passionate volunteer for Amnesty International and also volunteers at the West Michigan Food Co-op.

Michael is our Event Manager extraordinaire. He can pull off any party with a smile! He has worked in the building for over 10 years and his charm and wit bring a smile to everyones face.

Our resident charmer and avid bike rider, he represented Mangiamo's in the Gran Fondo! 40 miles just so we could all take a little credit! Want to melt his heart ask him about his dog!

Sassy with nice calves this girl can work the bar! Just try to stump her, we dare you. This girl can't be shaken!
Hostess/ Server

Not only has the beauty but the smarts! Mary is a grad from Aquinas College with a degree in art hisotry, test her!
Doug D
General Manager

Doug is very outgoing & will always say hello! Loves beer & wine & everything to do with Michigan! Big Red Wings & Michigan Sate Fan!
Jon D

Mangiamo is jon's home away from home! He is your go to guy for it all, from wine or beer to your food selcection.
Erica E

Funny as can be, no wonder customers love her as much as we do! This bartender's drink of choice is water, tequila with a little lime...try not to be too embarrassed when all you want's a daiquiri
Tonia H

Tonia makes bangin' jewelry that she sells at the Fulton Farmers Market! She has taught the english language in India and in Uganda and has amazing photos from those exotic places
Mike M

Mike! We love Mike and so will you! Also our resident story teller, ask him to tell you a ghost story! Father of 3, Mike is a devoted family man and huge fantasy football geek.
Event Staff Mangiamo Special
616.742.0600 ext. 12

We take great pride in providing the best service to ensure you have an enjoyable and seamless event!
Gordy Mouw
Executive Chef

Chef Gordy has a wonderful way with food, his dishes will surley not disappoint the patron or the foodie. Gordy mixes great new styles with fresh flavor to craft a great dish.
Rebekah R

Rebekah is a beautiful singer / songwriter and has 2 CDs out. She travels to LA and Nashville regularly to work on new projects and works with several local churche's music programs
Schuyler S

Schuyler's hair is not too blonde. She is a Hot Yoga instructor, she believes in beautiful food = beautiful life
Leslie S
Catered To-Go Assistant

Murphy has been with the company since 2005 at various locations throughout the Gilmore Collection. She currently is a valuable member of the Catered To-Go Catering Team.
Gwendolyn Y

Mother of an adorable son, full of energy & happiness. Gwen calls everyone "Love" and that generous spirit is what makes her special

Restaurant Reservations
616.742.0600 ext.13

Special Events Staff
616.742.0600 ext.12

Catered To-Go Staff
616.742.0600 ext.12

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