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Joe Buth

Joe is not only the man people go to to get things from high shelves, he is a quick learner, excellent photographer, and funny guy.
Austin Cook
Line Cook

Austin is a fan of all kinds of music. Has a passion for cooking and people. He does finger paintings on his days off.
Dustin Dexter
Lead Chef

Dustin has a way with children, has fallen in love with every woman he's met named Kristin, cares about the environment, and loves salad.
Alex Dubois
Lead Bartender

Alex is a craft beer enthusiast. He enjoys people and marketing. Has a bold passion for fruit loops and fanny packs.
Tom  Jachulski
Server, Trainer

Tom enjoys music in all capacities, he has even played piano since the age of 8. Art is his favorite form of communication, which is why he works in the food and beverage industry.
Sarah Jameson

Sarah enjoys traveling and good conversation. Sarah is always geared to get to know people and is the kind of person who is willing to share a candy bar.
Ryan Koster

Ryan is an excellent artist and has contributed to our chalk art dedication to the knowledge of beer! He enjoys jelly doughnuts and is a popcorn making machine.
Kendra McCloth

Kendra plays ping pong, bowls, and plays pool better than any man woman or child.
Mandi Pasanski

Mandi, also known as Pea is a sweet soul who enjoys expressing her creativity in a number of ways, on canvas, through music, and puts passion into anything that she does.
John Svoboda
616.356.2627 ext. 35

John's brewing philosophy is a combination of classical beer interpretations with a smattering of experimental and cutting edge creations. John appreciates both the science and the art of brewing.
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