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Todd Barnett
Assistant Manager

I set my goals high, hoping others around me set theirs higher.
Michael Bonarek

I'm a chivalrous, hardworking beer connoisseur.
Kati Dodge

Recently graduated with a degree in Biology from GVSU. My favorite type of beer is an IPA, however, I love tasting new microbrews and talking about beer in general.
Chris Durso

The picture explains it all.
Kara Fassen
Lead Host

I am a fun, loving, culinary student at the secchia institute of culinary arts who loves to travel the world when my funds allow me too. Come on in I'll tell you a tale or two!
Greg Gorman

I enjoy playing checkers/chess/scrabble/or any other board games. When I'm not playing board games I spend time with my two beautiful children
Sharon Gruss

My favorite artist is Chuck Close, he is amazing, so you should check him out. I love the color red and love lobster way too much because it's way too expensive for my budget.
Jacqueline Hebert

I am a fun, free spirited college student! Originally from Muskegon, I graduated this past Spring with a B.A. in Psychology. My goal is to be a licensed Psychologist within ten years.
Hanna Helmus

I have been taught the ways of the Drunken Tiger. I will show you some of the best bartending you have ever seen!
Kara M

I recently moved from Texas, and am currently studying Nursing. Texas was fun, but not nearly as fun as the Mitten State!
Aaron MacPhail

I have an amazing Daughter and Fiance and love hanging out with those two when I'm not working. I am an avid outdoorsman and love hunting and fishing when I have the time.
Fernando Martinez

I love hanging with friends & shooting pool. Im a huge Michigan fan and all things Detroit! Im usually the life of the party, a great cook and I love to try new things.
Nicole O

I love all food (minus meat)! I love living in a mitten state and I'm from the lower east side. My hair frequently changes colors, so I may be hard to recognize.
Stacy Oldenbroek

Everyone loves a fun, bubbly ginger. C'mon, you know it's true.
Nikole Palmreuter

I love to fish, & I adore my pet piranhas. I survive off Starbucks!
Alexis  Parks

I dressed up as an Avatar for Halloween!
Eric  Parks

Do not let my shy exterior deceive you, look at that smile, I'm a good time.
Erick Romero
Sous Chef

I find joy that my creativeness on the plate, can be enjoyed by so many. With many years of experience, my team is up to any culinary task. We look forward to making your evening special.
Kara Stilwell

I was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan. I am currently studying Diagnostic Sonography at GVSU. In my free time I am a competitive figure skater and I love snowboarding!
Amanda  VanTuinen

When I'm not serving at Bobarino's, I'm teaching! I graduated this past spring from GVSU and am pursuing my dream to become a teacher as we speak.
Jenn Wessel

I just moved back home to Michigan after 5 years in Oklahoma City. You can usually find me doing something goofy/stupid/weird, cheering on my OKC Thunder, singing to myself, or daydreaming.
Lyndsey White

I used to live in Yellowstone National Park, and I love tattoos! I call my dog, Bat Dog!
Aaron Wildey

I have a better idea... come in, grab a drink, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know!
John Zokoe
General Manager
616.356.2627 ext. 29

With over 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, I still get joy out of making sure you've enjoyed every minute of your experience at Bobarino's.
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Dueling Pianos

August 30, 2014
Dan Louisell, Tim Hunt, Adam Pringle; Scott Mikuls...

Bobarino's special
Yard Bird Risotto

roasted sweet potatoes, dried cherries, michigan apples, walnuts, butt...

Bobarino's special
Roasted Apple & Arugula

arugula, ginger roasted michigan apples, red onions, dried cherries, c...

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