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Kim Allie

Kim enjoys traveling, the outdoors and cooking. In her free time, Kim maintains her large gardens, collects antiques and loves painting.
Jose Arrendondo
Line Cook

It is Jose's birthday everyday. He is the jokester of the team and loves to make you laugh.
Robin Butzer

Robin can talk your ear off. She is a fun loving mom ,who enjoys shopping and skiing. Her favorite dessert is double chocolate cheesecake and she loves The Detroit Tigers.
Andrea Carlson

Andi loves painting her nails to match the seasons. She is a total film buff. She hopes someday to own a film production company. Andi loves dancing and hanging with her friends.
Alex Chamberlain

Alex enjoys singing along to CCR's hit Born on the Bayou. He enjoys relaxing with an ice cold budweiser and loves traveling with friends.If he was a food, he would be sushi.
Tracy Cronkhite
Line Cook

Tracy is a hard working father of two kids. He loves football and is a huge Michigan State Fan. His favorite color is blue.
Nick Dearth
Kitchen Manager

Nick likes to vacation in Charlevoix. His favorite dessert is lemon bars. On his days off you can find him locked in his music studio or strolling through the woods.
Marne Difatta

Marne enjoys cooking and hanging with her family. She loves laughing and relaxing with a good book.
Guadalupe Garces

Lupe's favorite drink is Mexican Apple Soda. In his free time he enjoys cooking & baking. He loves interior design and vacationing in Mexico. His favorite color is dark purple.
Jeff Hauch
Sous Chef

Jeff enjoys riding his bike, hanging by the pool and sipping a margarita when not busy creating our tasty desserts. His favorite color is red. He is a Chicago Cubs Fan and loves vacationing in Tampa.
Julie  Ireland

Julie loves creme brulee and sunny, warm days at the beach.She enjoys reading and golfing when not at work. Her favorite color is green.
Jeremy Ireland
(Jere or Jere Bear)
Server Assistant

His favorite dessert is cheesecake. He is very athletic and loves playing soccer & video games. Jeremy could not live without his cell phone.
Jeff Kerr
Executive Chef

Jeff's favorite dessert is sweet & savory. His favorite sport is gardening. He loves Perrin beer and watching the corn grow on his days off. One word to describe him is "spacey".
Jody Koster
General Manager

Jody has been with The Gilmore Collection for 12 years. She loves dogs and craft beer.
Dan Meyer

Dan's favorite color is black. He enjoys drinking scotch and celebrating the 4th of July. He's one Awesome guy who hopes someday to be a philanthropist.
Krista Plank

Krista is a MSU fan. She is a mommy to three wonderful boys. Her favorite color is purple.
Antonio Reyes

Antonio enjoys spicy food.
Kelli Romani

Kelli's favorite color is pink. She loves the Detroit Red Wings and enjoys soccer. Her favorite dessert is anything with peanut butter & chocolate.
Barbara Smith
Marketing Ambassador

Barbie can be found chasing butterflies when not at work. Her laughter can be heard from miles.
Ben Snider
Server Assistant

Ben was named the 2012 Spartan Stores/Special Olympics Michigan Healthy Athlete of the Year. His favorite sports team is Michigan and he loves hanging by his pool in the summer.
David Van Eck
Line Cook

David's favorite color is green. He is a daring guy and loves MSU. His dream job is to be an executive chef. He sings along to 2 Chainz "Birthday Song".
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Happy Hour

Sundays - Saturdays
Happy Hour Specials Drink choices are Bud Light...

Blue Water Grill Special
Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays featuring delicious vegetarian an...

Blue Water Grill Special
Raspberry Tiramisu

layers of lady fingers, mascarpone cream, & fresh raspberries

Blue Water Grill Special
Peanut Butter Pie

oreo crust filled with peanut butter mousse topped with chocolate shav...

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